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Sept. Beim FACEIT Major in London haben sie eindrucksvoll beweisen, dass sie das aktuell beste Team der Welt sind. Zur Belohnung gab es eine. Das Faceit Major: London war das Major-Turnier in der Es war das erste Major-Turnier im Vereinigten Königreich. Sieger des Turniers war das. Join the FACEIT Major EU Open Qualifier #1. Participate as solo, with friends or as a team. Progress in the bracket to win points or exclusive prizes. Zwei Drittel der Teilnehmer sind bereits für das Event casino cherrycasino. Sie gewannen alle drei Partien mit 2: FaZe Clan Europaische Union. Die restlichen Parten des zweiten Tages sind schon ausgelost fifa 17 deutsche talente. Vereinigte Staaten Cloud 9. Global Offensive Astralis krönt sich zum Major-Champion. London Disziplinen Counter-Strike: Insgesamt ist es das Vereinigte Staaten Rogue Db casino hamm den Teilnehmern gehört auch ein deutsches Team. Für die Austragung jeder neuen Ausgabe bewerben sich hans süper 2019 Turnierveranstalter. Einige Spiele haben schon vor Veröffentlichung eSports-Potenzial. Wir stellen sie euch vor. Ninjas in Pyjamas Schweden. Du willst die wichtigsten eSports-News direkt auf dein Smartphone black mirror kostenlos

In round five of each Swiss group stage, the remaining six teams play in a best of three instead of the standard best of one. In the playoffs, now known as the "New Champions stage," eight teams will play in a single elimination, best of three bracket.

Teams will play until a winner is decided in the finals. Rather than a randomizing the teams with the teams with the same records, these playoffs would seed teams based on how difficult their opponents were.

This is determined by adding up how many wins the opponents had in the New Legends stage. Before, three quarterfinal series were played on the first day of the playoffs and the remaining quarterfinal series and the two semifinals sets were played in the second day.

This meant the winner of the last quarterfinals would only have a few hours rest between their games when their opponent in the semifinals would be fully rested.

In response to this, FACEIT gave the quarterfinals two days of space, so that two could be played on day one and two could be played on day two so that all players could get full rest.

All four quarterfinals would also not be crammed into one day, as this would lead to the organizers going overtime with the time they booked the venue and staff members would not be tired.

The map pool will be different from the last major. Each regional qualifier, called "Minors", featured eight teams, whether through direct invitation or through qualifiers.

Each minor featured two groups of four teams; these groups were in GSL double elimination formats, which was the format used at every major until the ELEAGUE Major, with the initial matches and winners match being best of ones and the losers and decider series being best of three.

Two teams of each group qualify for the bracket phase, which is a four team, double elimination, best of three bracket.

Two teams qualify for the major qualifier from each minor. The Asia Minor ran from July 16 to July Two teams were invited to the Asia Minor, unlike the last Asia Minor, in which all eight teams were invited.

Two teams qualified from the Southeast Asia qualifier which includes India , one team from the East Asia qualifier, one team from the Middle East qualifier, one team from the Oceania qualifier, and one team from the China qualifier.

Each open Asian regional qualifier was a single elimination bracket. Controversy ensued in the China qualifier. Fierce Tiger had won the China qualifier via forfeit from VG.

Flash suspected that its internet had been "sabotaged" before the match was about to start. Fierce Tiger was unhappy with the decision, saying that VG.

Flash should be held accountable for its own issues and that its players were already on vacation. After speculations arose about the mysterious new fifth player Fierce Tiger brought on to the team who went by the alias "tbgirl", FACEIT learned and eventually confirmed with Valve that tbgirl was actually a player named Kun "LEo" Hou.

Flash in the final. The Asia Minor kicked off with a stunner. Renegades was able to defeat B. T-dream[S]cape in a comfortable win as the favorites to win the Minor moved on.

Flash struggled as one of its star players YuanZhang "Attacker" Sheng was injured. T-d[S] was able to the team from the China qualifier in a relatively close three maps as VG.

Flash was eliminated after qualifying for the Boston Major back in January. Renegades once again cruised to an easy series win against B.

In Group B, TyLoo opened up with a closer than expected win against 5Power Club, as the latter was playing with three stand-ins.

Uniquestars was able to pull off a series win against a notable Asian team in a close best of three. However, the team from Israel could not pull past Tainted Minds as the latter was able to figure out Uniquestars in the end.

The bracket stage started off with a thriller, as the two rivals from the Asia and Oceania region met once again in the Asia Minor. TyLoo barely took the first map as it went the full thirty rounds.

Renegades took the next map into overtime. The next map was much closer, but Tainted Minds was able to secure the series and face off against TyLoo as some of the Tainted Minds players looked to go back to the Major.

TyLoo continued to stroll as it defeated Tainted Minds to secure a spot at the Major. Renegades made quick work of Tainted Minds as the compatriots duked it out.

In the finals, Renegades took revenge against TyLoo as the Australians took the first seed in the Asia Minor to face an easier opponent in the first round of the New Challengers stage.

All eight teams in the CIS Minor came from the closed qualifier. In the closed qualifier, eight teams were invited and another eight teams qualified from four separate open qualifiers.

The closed qualifier was a sixteen team, best of three, Swiss system format and the top eight teams moved on to the CIS Minor.

Before the Minor even started, Nemiga Gaming was denied visas to the United Kingdom, so the team was unable to attend the Minor.

With Nemiga Gaming out, Group A effectively ran as a three team, double elimination bracket with HellRaisers given a bye.

The third map went to overtime on Mirage, but it was pro to get revenge by sweeping the overtime to eliminate PLINK and move on to the playoffs. Spirit answered by taking the next map on Mirage easily Spirit looked to take the final map after going up at the half.

However, the Russian squad was only able to pick up just two rounds on its counter-terrorist side as w0xic dominated the second half with 40 kills and HellRaisers completed the comeback at to take the first seed at the CIS Minor.

The Europe Minor ran from July 19 to July All eight teams in the Europe Minor will come from the closed qualifier.

In the closed qualifier, eight teams will be invited and another eight teams will qualify from four separate open qualifiers. The closed qualifier will be a sixteen team, best of three, Swiss system format and the top eight teams move on to the Europe Minor.

Sprout defeated the Ninjas to move on to the bracket phase as the organization looked to head back to the Major. Red Reserve took down Team Kinguin in two close maps.

With Kinguin being eliminated, this would be the first time the legendary Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas would not play at a Major after attending the first one with Universal Soldiers and the next eleven with Virtus.

OpTic started with an easy map win over NiP, but the Swedes bit back with an overtime win in the second. In the grand finals, NiP rolled over OpTic to take the first seed in the Minor and finally go back to a Major after missing three straight.

The Americas Minor ran from July 7 to July Unlike the previous America Minors, no team was directly invited to the Americas Minor.

This time, six teams will come from the North American closed qualifier and two teams will come from the South American open qualifier.

In the North American closed qualifier, eight teams will be invited and another eight teams will come from four separate open qualifiers.

These teams will play in a sixteen teams, best of three Swiss system format and the top six teams will move on to the Americas Minor.

The South American open will have two open qualifiers and each will be a single elimination, team bracket. NTC was able to take care of Swole Patrol with relative ease to stay alive.

In the other match, Rogue strolled through its second half against Team Dignitas. Team Dignitas won the first match against Furia easily, but the second was close as Furia sent the game to overtime after being down However, Dignitas was able to scrape away with the win, to eliminate the second South American team.

Dignitas kept it close with compLexity in the first match, but it was the latter team to win the map. Rogue completely dominated eUnited in the first map of the bracket phase, which included a first half.

NRG easily won the first map against compLexity Gaming as the favorites to take the Minor was on a good start. However, compLexity looked to get its organization back to its Major since EMS One Katowice and just about took the game in overtime after being down NRG took a close one against eUnited, but eUnited bounced back to take the next map in another close game.

On Dust II, eUnited took a massive halftime lead and looked to upset a top ten team. In the first place decider, compLexity rolled over Rogue in the first map.

However, compLexity was able to clutch it out in the thirtieth round to take the top seed in the Americas. The major was streamed in various languages across twitch.

China streamed its broadcast on Douyu. The top 20 players of were ranked by HLTV. Below is the list of players in the top Most achievements have whether the player was the most valuable player of the tournament MVP or an extremely valuable player in the tournament EVP.

The rankings shown below reflect the September 3, rankings. All of that is predicated around a 3-man core each team is required to have in order to retain their past points.

Points cap at points. The following list shows the relevant tournaments to the rankings. From top to bottom, the tournament becomes more relevant to the rankings.

Those in gold indicates the tournament was a Major, meaning Valve, the developers of the game, sponsored the tournament to host a CS: A premier tournament means it offers an outstanding prize pool, is frequently played offline, and features the best players from all over the world.

A major tournament simply means the tournament features a large prize pool and a good number of top teams; the major tournaments that are shown below are only shown because a team from the major participated in the event.

The New Challengers stage took place from September 5 to September 9, The Challengers stage, also known as the Preliminary stage and formerly known as the offline qualifier, will be a sixteen team swiss tournament: Every round will consist of one game.

In addition, teams will not play the same team twice unless necessary and teams will be randomly chosen for the first two rounds; afterwards, rounds three through five will use the Buchholz system , meaning that seeding will take place for next matchups.

In addition, round five matchups will be a best of three rather than a best of one. Any team with three wins would qualify for the New Legends stage, and any team with three losses would be eliminated.

In the first round, teams from pool one will be matched up against teams in pool four. Teams in pool two will play teams in pool three.

One team from a pool is randomly decided to face off against a randomly decided team in another pool. Teams in pool three are the Minor winners: Teams in pool four are the Minor runner-ups: In the second round, the winners in the first round will face each other in the "high" matches, in which teams with a record will play against each other; the losers will face each other in the "low" matches, in which teams with a record will play each other.

In the third round, the winners of the high matches teams with records from round two will face each other. The winners of these two matches will qualify for the major.

The losers of the high round and the winners of the low round teams with records will face each other in the "mid" matches. The losers of these low matches are eliminated.

Twelve teams remain in the Challengers stage. The winners of those high matches qualify for the next phase of the Major. The losers of the mid matches and the winners of the low matches teams with records will face each other in the low matches of round four.

The losers of these matches are eliminated from the Major. In the last round, the remaining teams will face off teams with records.

The winners of these matches will qualify for the New Legends stage and the losing teams will be eliminated from the Major.

Instead of a best of one, these games will be a best of three. In the most ideal of situations, the Swiss format should allow teams to have a harder time each time they win and have an easier time each time they lose.

London on Inferno. Hunter "SicK" Mims lead the way with 23 kills and Daniel "vice" Kim found some crucial kills to get to This game turned to be a tight one as Rustem "mou" Telepov of Gambit went huge with 36 kills.

BIG faced off against Renegades in the next match. Tizian "tiziaN" Feldbusch set the tone in the pistol round with an incredibly fast shot to set the tone of the game.

Spirit looked to run away with the match after a halftime score, but Vega came all the way back to make to tie it at A Leonid "chopper" Vishnyakov 1 vs.

HellRaisers was the next match in what was portrayed to be the most competitive match, as HellRaisers was a solid team and a seemingly slumping North team went on to win DreamHack Masters Stockholm , the last big event before the Major.

North made a huge comeback to have the game head to overtime Team Liquid vs. OpTic Gaming was up next. The North American side dominated the Danes throughout the map.

Day 2 began with a round one match in Astralis versus compLexity Gaming. The match was initially supposed to be played on the first day, but with Twickenham Stadium suffered a site-wide network outage, forcing FACEIT to play the match on day two.

Ninjas in Pyjamas and TyLoo started off the second round. BIG and Vega was a back and forth affair that headed to overtime. HellRaisers had a strong start against Liquid, but Liquid came back by taking ten of the last eleven rounds in the first half.

HellRaisers struggled in the gun rounds as Liquid generally cruised to victory. Vlаdуslаv "bondik" Nеchуроrchuk struggled for HellRaisers with just Rogue and Astralis was the next match on Inferno.

Spirit took everyone by surprise by taking a massive lead against North on Nuke and got to match point at , but North suddenly had seven rounds in a row.

Vadim "DavCost" Vasilyev had a crucial opening kill while only on a pistol and Victor "somedieyoung" Orudzhev held it down after the bomb was planted to hold on for the win.

The two teams that were blown out in round one met in round two. However, compLexity was able to stifle the comeback and kept Space Soldiers winless.

Ahmet "paz" Karahoca struggled for Space Soldiers in the losing effort. The first decider match happened between Team Liquid and Vega Squadron.

Three crucial kills in the 35th round by Twistzz and a strong hold by Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella in the 36th round allowed Liquid to be the first team to advance to the New Legends stage.

Chopper tried to run over Liquid with 27 kills and Igor "crush" Shevchenko followed up with 22, but Pavel "hutji" Lashkov only had 10 kills as Vega was edged out.

The next match between NiP and Astralis was a big one as it became one of the longest games in Major history. Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz lead the way with 24 kills and the young Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker and veteran Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan followed closely with 22 each.

In the end, HellRaisers was able to come back from a deficit to win the game at Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov only had 9 kills in the effort. In triple overtime, OpTic finally edged out TyLoo to go up Haowen "somebody" Xu had a huge game with 49 kills, but k0nfing went bigger with Filip "NEO" Kubski continued to struggle throughout the year as he ended up with just 9 kills and pashaBiceps only had 4 after the latter said this would most likely be his last Major.

Astralis bounced back immediately from the previous day to thrash Team Spirit Players such as Dmitry "S0tF1k" Forostyanko struggled throughout the map for Spirit as it was forced to a best of three final round.

Renegades had struggled throughout and the team that it normally would beat eased its way to the fifth round. HellRaisers and OpTic set another chaotic overtime.

BIG wanted to show its Cologne run was not a fluke by at least making the top sixteen at the Major. Although Johannes "nex" Maget struggled for the Germans, mou could not perform as much as he did before and smooya lead BIG with 25 kills.

Yet another overtime came through between compLexity Gaming and Vega Squadron. Despite players such as Nikolaj "niko" Kristensen struggling early, North was able to win the game in triple overtime to send Rogue home.

TyLoo started very strong with an halftime lead, even holding somedieyoung to just one kill by the end of the half. Team Spirit got quite close with 12 rounds, but somebody had a big game with 27 kills.

A wrong read by Spirit in the last round allowed TyLoo to have an easier time to enter the B bombsite as TyLoo took map one.

Spirit got off to a much better start at , but TyLoo was able to salvage the half at Towards the end of the second map on Inferno, TyLoo was in a very advantageous situations in two rounds, but BnTeT made a crucial mistake by going too aggressive into a weak Spirit buy and then other TyLoo players went for a high risk play that did not pan out in round 29 to let Spirit get to map point.

A sloppy but entertaining overtime ensued as both teams came back from massive man disadvantages and somehow made the rounds work. Neither team won a terrorist round in overtime until the third overtime when Spirit won two of the three.

In the end of the mess, TyLoo was able to dig its way to victory. Players on both side such as Dmitriy "Dima" Bandurka and DD had impactful kills to keep the game close.

The second map was much closer as OpTic was able to climb back from a score. North looked to come back from a record and Vega Squadron looked to avoid being eliminated after starting The first map on Inferno did not end up being a close and messy one, unlike the other Inferno matches at the Major.

Map two was much closer after the first half ended at in favor of Vega. The New Legends stage, formerly known as the Group stage, used the same format as the Challengers stage.

This stage takes place from September 12 to September 16, Fnatic, G2 Esports, mousesports, and Winstrike Team were teams in pool two based on their quarterfinals finish at the Boston Major.

Team Liquid and Ninjas in Pyjamas were placed in a third pool for going undefeated in the New Challengers stage. Astralis, compLexity Gaming, and HellRaisers were in a fourth pool after going The two teams in pool three were randomly drawn to play two teams from pool two.

Two randomly selected teams from pool four were drawn to play the other two teams from pool two. The remaining team from pool four was matched against a randomly selected team from pool one.

The three teams from pool five were randomly selected to play a randomly selected team from the three remaining teams in pool one. G2 Esports and HellRaisers commenced week two of the Major.

The French started very strong with lead and then a lead, but HellRaisers made it a salvageable half with a score. The second half would be all HellRaisers at first, but G2 made some adjustments and the game headed to an overtime once again.

Winstrike Team looked to replicate its Cinderella run from the last Major, but after taking the pistol round, Team Liquid took the next six and never looked back to easily take the game.

Some key individual plays from TyLoo saved the game as another upset took place. Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo had 27 kills to lead the server, but had little impact in the second half, and Marcelo "coldzera" David was second with Robin "ropz" Kool had 23 kills in the losing effort, but it was not enough in the end.

Although star player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostylievhad 24 kills, Magisk came alive to match that total as Astralis took the game in the 30th round.

Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev had just 6 kills and 21 deaths in the game. The defending champions Cloud9 struggled ever since winning the Major, and this game against Vega Squadron was no exception.

Timothy "autimatic" Ta did fairly well with 15 kills, but Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham only had 8. BIG was the first team to go up after easily taking down TyLoo on train.

Astralis was able to easily take down Vega Squadron, especially with Magisk and dev1ce taking more than 20 kills each, to move up to Acht Teams sind durch ihre Platzierung unter den ersten Acht beim letzten Major Eleague Boston bereits qualifiziert.

Faceit London Faceit Major: London Disziplinen Counter-Strike: September Finale Boston IEM Major: Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am September um Vereinigtes Konigreich Wembley Arena , London. Vereinte Nationen compLexity Vereinte Nationen HellRaisers For notes on the "Challengers" Click here.

Click here for detailed results of The New Challengers Stage matches. Click here for detailed results of The New Legends Stage matches. Check out our developer job postings and work in esports!

From Liquipedia Counter-Strike Wiki. IEM Katowice Major Katowice ESL One: Cologne DreamHack Winter Columbus ESL One: Atlanta PGL Major: Fierce returns to the coach role.

North 2 - 3 92 - 96 -4 Overpass Nuke Mirage Inferno 0: Rogue 1 - 3 56 - 67 Inferno Inferno Overpass Inferno

Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Casino royale gettler. Die Plätze 17 bis 24 musste sich in ihren Regionen bei Minor-Turnieren hochspielen. Der Weg dahin twitch online gehen lang und diesen zeigt euch ran eSports in diesem Beitrag. Von der Auflistung ausgenommen sind Legenden- und Spezialkarten. Zu den klaren Favoriten dürften die üblichen Verdächtigen gehören: Einige Spiele haben schon vor Veröffentlichung eSports-Potenzial. Es ist das wichtigste Counter-Strike-Event des Jahres:

Faceit major - something also

Weitere Acht können sich über die Challenger-Stage qualifizieren. GO-Account mit der Streamingplattform verbunden haben. Hauke van Göns , Florian Merz. Darüber hinaus gibt es eine Übertragung auf YouTube. Boston IEM Major: Die Deutschen verloren im Viertelfinale gegen NaVi, konnten sich durch den Einzug in die Playoffs jedoch den sogenannten "Legenden Status" erkämpfen, wodurch sie für das nächste Major bereits gesetzt sind. Handball Flensburg bangt um dänische Weltmeister Svan und Lauge ran.

Faceit Major Video

FACEIT Major 2018 - Challengers - Day 1 HellRaisers and Liquid were fighting for middle control as soon as the round started, but as woxic tried to shoot at a Liquid player, his teammate bondik jumped in front of his bullet and was killed. This spurred nine consecutive rounds by the Danes to suddenly go up Two 16 team Buchholz group stages 8 team single-elimination playoff. Below is the list of players in the top MIBR was able to take the second half pistol round, james bond casino royale hd stream the two quietest players in the first half, stanislaw and ShahZaM, went big to win a force buy. NiKo took down Xyp9x and karrigan followed up onto Magisk. High match Vega Squadron Cache. However, the Russian squad was only able to pick up just two rounds on its counter-terrorist side as w0xic dominated the second half with 40 kills and HellRaisers completed the comeback at to take the first seed at the CIS Minor. The plan worked as FaZe had $5 millionaire genie casino free play favorable opponents to make the run back complete to a playoffs appearance. The third map went to Cache, which was historically a good North American map at Majors. Zeus started to defuse, forcing FalleN to rush in, but hotel baden casino was there wm quali 18 get the kill to secure the map. High match casino cherrycasino Gaming Cache. Both teams were favorites to win the trophy, but only one of the two could head to the finals. Luckily for Astralis, nobody was on the faceit major. Wir stellen sie euch vor. Zu den Teilnehmern gehört auch ein deutsches Team. Wer wird neuer Weltmeister in Counter-Strike: Deutscher Hauptstream des Events. Die Champions Stage beginnt am Doch Schauspielerin Lisa Solberg hat viel mehr zu bieten. Die Liste berücksichtigt alle Spieler mit einer Gesamtwertung von mindestens 85 und Bundesliga-Profis. September "New Legends Stage": Neben dem Major-Titel gab es auch noch Die Plätze 17 bis 24 musste sich in ihren Regionen bei Minor-Turnieren hochspielen. China Volksrepublik TyLoo Es war das erste Major-Turnier im Vereinigten Königreich. Damit wird der Star Teil einer Reihe von Legenden. GO-Account mit der Streamingplattform verbunden haben.

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